Amnesty International Visa Credit Card

Amnesty Visa

Citizens Bank of Canada and Amnesty International have come together to help raise money for campaigns to protect fundamental human rights around the world. Every time you use your Amnesty International Visa* card, Citizens Bank of Canada will donate 10 cents.

Amnesty International is a worldwide movement of human rights activists and financial supporters that works to prevent violations of people's fundamental civil and political human rights by governments and opposition groups.

Amnesty International is independent of any government, political persuasion, or religious creed, and is funded by individual members and donors. It does not seek or accept funds from governments.

Annual FeeRateGrace
$019.5%21 days

Amnesty International Visa Credit Card Benefits

  • Every time you use your Amnesty International Visa, 10 cents are donated to Amnesty International
  • Receive Extended Warranty and Purchase Security Insurance on almost everything you purchase with your Amnesty International Visa1
  • Receive up to $200,000 of Travel Accident Insurance at no charge1
  • Worldwide acceptance anywhere you see the Visa symbol
  • Worldwide 24-hour cash advances through any ATM machine displaying the Visa symbol
  • Worldwide emergency card and cash replacement services2
  • Zero cardholder liability2
  • Visa Chip and PIN technology2

1Certain limitations, conditions, restrictions and exclusions apply to all Citizens Bank Visa card insurance coverage. You will receive copies of insurance certificates that describe the insurance or coverage in more detail. The insurance coverage is subject to change or cancellation without notice. Purchase Security and Extended Warranty Insurance is underwritten by Elite Insurance Company, Travel Accident Insurance is underwritten by Chubb Insurance Company of Canada, and Auto Rental Collision and Loss Damage Insurance is underwritten by Royal and SunAlliance Insurance Company of Canada.

2Not applicable to Citizens Bank Reloadable and Prepaid Visa card products.

*Visa Int. /Citizens Bank of Canada, Licensed User.