Corporate Social Responsibility

At Citizens Bank of Canada, our community consists of Canadians who are contributing to a better world.

Our Values

Citizens Bank supports those in Canada and abroad who believe in respect and fair treatment, environmental leadership, healthy lifestyles, ethical business practices, and peaceful communities.

Citizens in Action 2008

For the spring edition of this year’s Citizens in Action day of volunteering, dozens of CB employees literally rolled up their sleeves to either help build affordable housing for those in need or to give the life-saving gift of a blood donation.

On March 7, Vancouver-based employees got to work with Habitat for Humanity in Burnaby on a townhouse complex that will soon house four local families. Our team worked to install siding, apply paint, do touch-up work inside and clean up.

Click here to see a video of the build.

In January and February, during our 2008 RSP campaign, we donated $10 for every $1000 contributed to an RSP to Habitat for Humanity. Together with our members we raised $50,000.

Also in Vancouver, employees gave blood through the Canadian Blood Services on March 4 and 5. In Calgary, a blood drive happened on March 10 and 11.

A similar volunteer build with Habitat for Humanity in Toronto happened on March 27. With the temperature hovering around 0°C, Citizens Bank Toronto volunteered at the 4200 Kingston Road Habitat for Humanity build site, where they learned to hammer correctly, remove nails and use the 12” chop saw.

“Volunteering for Habitat for Humanity was beyond worthwhile,” said Leslie Uy, executive assistant, Citizens Bank Toronto. “The entire volunteer team had nothing but positive things to say about the build day. When the cold was at its worst, we overcame the freezing temperature when we saw kids rambling home after school, entering the other Habitat units across the laneway. Seeing these kids coming ‘home’ made it that more special for us and got us hammering and chopping with intensity.”

CB’s involvement with Habitat for Humanity started back in November 2007 when our president, Jason Farris, toured the Burnaby site with other local business leaders as part of the Seeing is Believing tour. When Jason, and Robert Fung, a local developer and head of the Salient Group, heard that the build was going to be delayed due to trouble finding roofing contractors, they both got on their phones and started calling roofing companies they knew. They ended up not only finding a contractor, but the bank, the Salient Group and Heatherbrae Builders split the costs three ways and donated it to Habitat for Humanity.

Citizens in Action 2007

Cleaning up urban green spaces

Whether we’re planting trees in an urban park or selling Green Mortgages to homeowners, it’s all in a day’s work at Citizens Bank, where we care about more than money. And on days like October 19th when we held Citizens in Action—a day of volunteering—it really shows.

In parallel events held in Vancouver and Toronto, Citizens Bank employees rolled up their sleeves and got more than their hands dirty as they set out to help rehabilitate two local parks. A Calgary event on November 3rd has staff building beaver wiring around the local trees to protect them from the hungry beavers.

All three events were organized in partnership with Evergreen, an organization that works to protect and enhance urban green spaces. Evergreen was also one of our 2006 Shared Interest recipients.

See the YouTube video of the volunteers hard at work.

Citizens in Action 2006

It started as a simple question: what can we do in a day, as staff, as a team, as citizens, to lend hands-on support to the communities where we work?

View the video online at to see where and what we ended up doing.